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We are responsible for developing technology for the innovation department at Supergasbras. Find out, in this case study, how we helped to strategically unify several business fronts of one of the largest LP-gas distributors in Brazil.


We were tasked with streamlining the flow of information from the sales and service department of IRB, the largest reinsurance company in Latin America.

Understand how we reduced Sem Parar’s invoice processing time and how system integration, using platforms like Heroku, Amazon S3, and Salesforce, can leverage businesses.

Understand how we made communication with Sem Parar’s clients and consumers smarter, dynamic and simplified. Besides allowing integration with several other systems,  enabling variables from external systems to have an impact on the journey

An application created in record time, but robust and integrated with Salesforce: learn more about how we developed an application for Viva Open Air, the world’s largest open-air cinema event, in just 3 days.


Understand as the combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Cloud Marketing has been helping Brasil Terminal Portuário to optimize its sales and customer services processes.

We helped Eurobike to create the best experience about services booking. Due to an easy, fast, safe and totally integrated app to Salesforce.

We helped Coobo transform the purchasing process through an intelligent system that exploits the full potential of data management and Cloud Computing.

Learn more about how we helped Notória Seguros achieve a 360-degree view of their business through a customized system that fulfilled the company’s key needs, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in the market.

And all of this was accomplished with the Quickdone implementation package.