Sem Parar, Imaginedone

It tends to be a brand which is leader in the Market of parking lot, gas station and roads payments spread all over Brazil. Pioneer on the market, the service allows the customers to pass automatically through business establishments and toll, paying it later.

Sem Parar, Imaginedone

The Challenge

With an own invoice generator program for the customers, Sem Parar took, on average, 10 hours to produce 1 million files that, after being processed, were available to be sent by e-mail or headed to a print shop.

The main difficulty was the lack of personalization of those documents. Without the correct technology, it wasn´t possible to provide the customer personalized information.

Besides, the files storage was limited to two months, which became impossible any access to them after that period of time.

The resolution

We presented a system which allows the personalization of the invoices and processes them in less than 1% of the usual time, being integrated to edgy players such as Heroku, Marketing Cloud and Amazon S3.

The old program produced 1666 invoices a minute, whereas the new proposal was able to generate 200 thousand bills every 60 seconds, a meaningful improvement and, above all, scalable.

Currently, the solution developed is able to process over 3 million files a month and the positive feature is the inexistence of limit for that capacity.

Besides, the distribution of those documents for Sem Parar customers is also made in a simple and fast way: the system itself sends the invoices to be printed in the print shop or send them to the users who opted for a digital invoice by e-mail.

Sem Parar, Imaginedone

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