IRB, Imaginedone

IRB is a leader in reinsurance in Latin America and is one of the 10 greatest worldwide. For 80 years the company has offered solutions for risks and has financial ability to offer guarantees, assume commitments, contribute with the capacity of risks absortion and protect the financial health of insurance companies from different segments.

IRB, Imaginedone

The Challenge

The main challenge was to become the information flow for sales and customer services departments agile, which presented crucial variables.

The resolution

We started the changes in IRB customer service and sales processes by implementing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for the management of opportunities, customers, offerings and company contracts.

Sales Cloud customization and implementation made by Imaginedone allows the platform to integrate itself to other important systems for the customer service process, such as SAP.

The success of the project is explained by the robust customization of Salesforce solutions, according to IRB business necessities, as risk analysis, pricing and reports with a high data flow.

IRB, Imaginedone

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