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CNPJ Query System

Automate the CNPJ queries of the companies registered in the CRM

Do you need to have a thorough understanding of the companies you do business with, right?

You can use the plugin developed by Imaginedone to check the company name, CNAI, and other reliable data of companies registered in the Salesforce CRM.

The consultation is done automatically, and you can request the synchronization of the information with the SF software, in other words, have the data automatically filled into the system.

Product, Imaginedone
Product, Imaginedone

ZIP/Postal Code Query System

Automate the ZIP/Postal Code consultation of the companies registered in the CRM.

Do you need to confirm the corporate address of companies registered in your Salesforce CRM?

With our plugin there’s no red tape: you can perform the ZIP/Postal code search automatically and even synchronize the address information with the SF.

Marketing Cloud x WhatsApp Integration

Integrate Marketing Cloud with WhatsApp cost effectively and efficiently.

If you use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy, you will love to experience the Marketing Cloud x WhatsApp integration developed by Imaginedone

With this system, it is possible to send automatic and personalized messages using another provider’s WhatsApp service.

The application is a practical way to ensure interactivity and quickness when serving your customers.

Product, Imaginedone
Product, Imaginedone

Automated PDF generation via API with Salesforce integration

Optimize document delivery using Salesforce CRM integration.

Companies using Marketing Cloud can send emails, SMS, notifications, and even WhatsApp messages automatically. However, PDFs cannot be sent this way, hindering communication in certain situations.

Using an API created by Imaginedone and integrated with Salesforce, you can send PDF documents (via link or attachment) based on the data and template
information provided by the customer.

ID generates the PDF, saves it in S3, and provides the link for the client to send it to its consumers via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or push. Simple and practical!

In addition, you can also have access to the Marketing Cloud PDF, with a predefined template. There are two different types of PDFs to facilitate the company’s processes.

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