Supergasbras​, Imaginedone

Case Supergasbras

It tends to be one of the greatest LP gas distributors in Brazil. Ranging from families to big manufacturing companies, the brand offers products which are used in houses, small businesses facilities, factories and other places that require gas as an energy source.

Supergasbras​, Imaginedone

The challenge

Before a positive and in development scenario, our mission was developing solutions capable of:

  • Improving the customer purchase experience, making sure the product were come up with in a fast way;
  • Creating a structure which allowed the distributions basis, as well as, the sales branches spread all over the country, were able to serve the millions of customers of the brand.

The resolution

We created three aplications that were integrated one another: app, sales branches system and administration center.

Supergasbras​, Imaginedone


The app developed for Supergasbras allows any person located in the company operational covering area orders gas for his/her kitchen with a few clicks.

However, the company counts on over 11 thousand sales branch partners spread all over Brazil. In order to guarantee each customer was redirected to a distributor able to provide him/her the service, we headed to the next solution.

Sales Branch System

An application able to process all the orders and redirect each one of them for the ideal sales branch. This online application dismisses every kind of facility and is integrated to a territory management system which guarantees the sales brach strategic distribution, respecting the acting map of each one of them.

Administration Center

It allows Super Team to manage in a strategic way all the logistics distribution in the company and collects relevant data to analyze statistics about customers orders, keeping the customer service quality.

Besides, in order to enhance the efficiency of this management system, we integrated a communication API to it by voice, which calls a sales branch, in case the customer waiting time overpasses the usual.

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