We helped Eurobike to create a better experience as far as service bookings by using an easy, fast and safe app which is totally integrated to Salesforce.
Case Eurobike / Imaginedone

Eurobike is the first car dealer company specialized in premium vehicles in Brazil. It has branches in all states, it´s recognized for offering high quality products and services, always aiming to overcome the customer expectations.

Eurobike | O desafio

The challenge

To reinforce its premium brand image, Eurobike invited us to build an unique experience as far as service booking offered by its dealers.

The resolutions

Using hybrid technology the mobile app, available for Android and iOS, schedules revisions and other maintenance services with just a few touches on smarthphone screen. Due to its integration to the car dealers system (Salesforce and NBS), the process is fast and efficient. The app also lets the user know about the possible dates for the revisions.

Besides the scheduling, the user may visualize the show room area in which the vehicles in each car dealer are, make a proposal and require a vehicle evaluation for his/her vehicle that may be used for exchange.

Thus, Eurobike increases its accountability, trust and creativity values, narrowing and strengthening the relationship with customers.

Eurobike | Como resolvemos

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