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Case Eurobike

Founded in 2002, Eurobike was the first network of luxury vehicle dealerships in Brazil. Present in various states, it is recognized for its excellence in services, ranging from the luxury automotive market to racetracks across Brazil, and standing out in profuse sectors of motorsports in the country.

The challenge

Providing quality service and standing out in an increasingly competitive and globalized market is openly a challenge. Eurobike reached out to us, intending to create an innovative platform that provides customers with a personalized scheduling experience.

With our technological vision and the company’s revolutionary DNA, we were able to develop an app that combines the best practices and offers the best experiences for Eurobike’s premium customers.

Eurobike, Imaginedone

The app

The Eurobike app was developed from hybrid technology, utilizing web programming languages but with a native presentation. This way, it was possible to combine the best of both worlds, achieving truly satisfactory and advantageous results for both Eurobike and the end user.

We created the app to showcase vehicles and give Eurobike customers a comprehensive experience. It is available on the App Store and Play Store. Through it, consumers can view the showroom with the autos of each dealership, make an offer, and request an evaluation of their used vehicle for trade-in.

Of course, it also allows for the search of new and used vehicles, special offers, and information about each desired model. Additionally, it is possible to schedule services and contact Eurobike’s customer service channel.
In addition to convenience to the customer, the app identifies and displays the closest Eurobike dealership to the customer.
The integration with Salesforce and NBS (systems used by Eurobike) makes the process more agile and efficient for collaborators, making the entire experience of using and operating the app dynamic and positive for both the user and the Eurobike team.

All of this experience reinforces the company’s image as a serious and innovative platform in its segment, living up to the premium DNA cultivated by Eurobike.

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