Coobo, Imaginedone

It tends to be a company that provides expenses management solutions designed to improve processes that combine robust methods with cutting edge technologies.

Coobo, Imaginedone

The challenge

After some disappointing experiences about trying to develop systems that meet the market necessities, Coobo invited us to colaborate with it.

The resolution

Take a look at some of the main solutions proposed by Imaginedone:

  • We introduced Cloud Computing power to Procurement Department;
  • We categorized, put together and analyzed expenses, besides requiring information, proposals and quotes;
  • We simulate scenarios and selected suppliers;
  • We managed contracts and changed each area into its own buyer;
  • We created simple and easy-to-use modules, capable of managing, analyzing and providing intelligence for the whole procurement department in a company;
  • The product, throughout its entire design, was developed having the user as its focus. The result was a simple system with robust solutions.
Coobo, Imaginedone

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