About us

For over a decade in the market, we have been assisting companies in optimizing their results through technological solutions.

At Imaginedone, we work hard to foster innovation and deliver solutions to our partners through technology.

We strongly believe in collaborative, disruptive, and dynamic work, where our primary focus is to uphold citizenship, ethics, excellence, and loyalty in all our relationships. Our commitment lies in assisting our partners in optimizing their results. How do we achieve this? Through our expertise and professional capabilities in simplifying ideas and transforming businesses.

Our team becomes your team until we achieve our goals.

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Our way of working

Each project is unique and has its peculiarities.However, we do not give up on some points such as security, transparency, communication, and agility. This guides us in each new endeavor and helps us carry out our work in the way we value the most: with excellence.

Also, we follow an operational model with steps that define the entire course of the project and keep us consistently aligned with our partners’ expectations. Here are the steps:


The kick-off of all our projects starts with understanding the client's business goals. Our approach involves understanding the needs and demands, gathering ideas, and learning about the company's real challenges.


Setting priorities to start. After understanding the scenario, we prepare a list of activities divided into three categories: "It must have", "It is good to have", and "Perfect world", which will provide us with a guideline about the actions impacting the client's activities in the market.


Once the requirements and priorities have been assessed, our team elaborates possible scenarios. We have the knowledge and experience enough to offer the best proposal according to your timetable and budget.


In a collaborative work, we´ll build up the solution by being certain about all of the requirements and priorities and keeping security, scalability, and the final goal in mind.


Each completed activity is made available for use and testing in the company's day-to-day operations. This allows for internal feedback on the needs and adjustments of the project from those who will actually be using the solution. This helps us prioritize and incorporate new requirements into the project.


We provide all the necessary support after the completion of the project. This ensures smooth operation, the evolution of the system, and allows for the implementation of new improvements in the future.