Making ideas simple. Changing businesses.

This proposal and fast paced profile defines the way we work in order to shorten the path between ideas and results, we develop web and mobile applications for customers in different niches, such as oil and gas, insurance, supply chain, retail, logistics and human resources.

Our way of working


Having a previous conversation and learning about the client´s business goals is the first step in each IT project. We have to understand its business and how it is connected to employees and customers.


As soon as we get the understanding about the client´s business, we elaborate a complete list of activities which cause impact on the market performance. We divide this list into three fundamental categories: "It must have"; "It is good to have" and "Perfect world".


Once the requirements and priorities have been assessed, our team elaborates possible scenarios. We have knowledge and experience enough to offer the best proposal according to your timetable and budget.


In a collaborative work, we´ll build up the solution being certain about all of requirements and priorities and keeping the security, scalability and the final goal in mind.


Each concluded activity is released, so that you can use what was developed in a down to earth way. It allows you evaluate the necessity of adjustments and define priorities or add new demands as far as the project.


Imaginedone offers support after the end of the project development. It guarantees the good working, the evolution of the system and allows new improvements to be implemented in the future.