Accelerate your financial management: Automate your invoices and master your business with Imaginedone!

Discover the ultimate solution to simplify and speed up the invoicing process in your business. With an automated invoice process, you can say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

With an intelligent platform, you can automate the entire invoice workflow, from generation to customer delivery. Save time, reduce costs, and gain more efficient control over your finance department. Free up your team for strategic tasks and focus on growing your business.

Simplify your financial operations and experience how Imaginedone can revolutionize invoice management in your business.

Check out the main features:

Automated Invoice Processing

Customize the document as you wish, improve communication, and strengthen proximity to your customers.

No hassle: your customers can receive invoices on the scheduled date via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other systems, with the help of APIs.

Do you need to print invoices? The system sends invoices to the printer in an optimized format to reduce postage costs at the Post Office.

Set the storage period for invoices.

Get detailed reports about the receipt of invoices. Check if the client opened the document or not and, if necessary, send an automatic SMS to remind him/her of the due date.

Analyze the information obtained by the system to improve the mailing strategy and increase the chances of payment.

Count on Imaginedone's Automated Invoice Processing to:

Improve the experience of your customers, who will
receive their invoices quickly and personalized.

Integrate other technological solutions with your
invoice generation system using APIs.

Optimize the work of your collaborators, reduce
human error, and allow them to focus their efforts on
other activities.

Strategically access information from your invoices to
improve the organization and efficiency of your
finance and accounting department.

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